The WINGMAN is a stainless steel bar spoon that is simple, elegant, and sets a new standard of quality and efficiency. The spoon spins freely while stirring ice - it's a brand new design you can't find anywhere else. 

For bartenders, this spoon improves efficiency, requires the same or less hand and wrist motion, improves consistency of dilution (especially when stirring two drinks at once), and decreases the concentration required in a high volume setting. 

For those of you who would like to make stirred cocktails at home but don’t have the hours of experience a professional does, this bar spoon is the easiest way to stir a drink. 

Our legit bar spoons: The WINGMAN (above) and AERO (below) 



The AERO is our version of the traditionally styled bar spoon, designed for simplicity, elegance, and durability. 

The slim profile of the AERO is easy to insert around the ice in a stirring vessel, unlike some cumbersome models with over-sized bowls and awkward angles. It's also a beast for cracking ice (with either end).

The smooth, aerodynamic body is great for near-friction-less stirring, and perfect for left-handed use too. The weighted end provides for a beautifully balanced bar spoon, something that feels like a tool, not a toy.