Runner-Up Program

We launched our Runner-Up Program as a way to reduce our waste and be good stewards of our resources.

We also want to make our tools more accessible to bars, restaurants, industry folks, and home bartenders who don't sweat the small stuff, and maybe can't afford full-priced spoons.

What is it?  Plain and simple - rather than throw away the tools that don't make the final cut during Quality Control, we make them available at 50% off.  This allows us to reduce our waste, cover our costs, and keep our standards high for our gift-quality spoons. 

We have really strict Quality Control Standards, so there's a percentage of inventory that comes through our door that we set aside for one reason or another. One of these tools has something that's slightly imperfect about it - let's call it a birthmark of the manufacturing process. It could be a tiny dimple or scratch in the metal, a spot that wasn't polished all the way, or a curve to the bowl of the spoon.

None of these characteristics influence the performance of the spoon, or it's durability - they just set it apart from our gift-quality spoons. These things are often so minuscule that you may not even notice (and your guests certainly won't, unless they bring a microscope and white glove to your bar). So make drinks confidently!