Cocktail Recipes

On our blog page we've collected some favorite recipes.  Some are classic cocktails, some are variations made by people we love and admire, and some are cocktails we came up with at home. Check out our collection here.

For more comprehensive recipe collections, we recommend these online resources:

Home Bar Basics: This is our best recommendation for those of you who want to make cocktails at home.  Dave Stolte will give you an introduction not just to some of the cornerstone recipes in cocktails, but to technique, vocabulary, and the history behind some of our most beloved drinks.  The Home Bar Basics Book is also available for purchase, a handy companion guide (with water-resistant paper for durability at the bar!)

Imbibe Magazine: A huge collection of recipes, including a slew of variations on classic cocktails by contributing bartenders.

Cocktail Books

These books contain recipes, techniques, history, and cocktail lore!  Here are some of our favorites.

The Drunken Botanist: A fascinating must-have for any aspiring cocktailian who has a love of plants and herbs. From the plants we use to make alcohol, to the botanicals, herbs and spices we use for flavoring it, to the fresh ingredients we mix it with, Amy Stewart explores biology, history, chemistry, etymology and mixology in a completely approachable and fascinating way. The book includes more than 50 drink recipes and instructions for infusing your own spirits and making syrups, brandied cherries, and more. $19.95.

The Savoy Cocktail Book: Prohibition-era cocktail book originally published in 1930, this is a go-to for reading up and re-discovering classic cocktails. Written by Harry Craddock, who left for London during the United States Prohibition, this book contains favorites like the Corpse Reviver No. 2.  Available as a facsimile reprint on Amazon for $15.95.

The PDT Cocktail Book: A beautiful tome with over 300 receipes, this book is a favorite partly due to the level of craftsmanship and cover-to-cover illustrations by Chris Gall.  As artists ourselves, we like this a lot!  Recipes are also annotated with little background stories about where they come from, whether created at PDT, resurrected from classic cocktail books or discovered at a friend's bar.  Bonus sections on bar organization, glassware, cocktail technique, and tidbits about the New York City cocktail scene. $24.95

Home Bar Basics: this pocket-sized, water-resistent book is an essential guide for quick reference at the home bar. It includes a handy introduction to different types of spirits, mixers, and liqueurs, as well as a basic explanation of techniques. Recipes include 12 basic drinks, and 18 "not-so-basics" to move on to. $18.00.