How to use the AERO Cocktail Spoon

The Aero Cocktail Spoon is a straight-handled bar spoon used in the traditional way a bartender would. For a great video on the technique for using a traditional bar spoon to stir cocktails (and there is a technique to it), we recommend watching this video by Jim Meehan:  How To Stir A Cocktail Using a Bar Spoon. This video applies to using all traditional cocktail spoons, including the Aero Cocktail Spoon.  

How to use the WINGMAN Spinning Cocktail Spoon

Stirring a cocktail using the Wingman Spinning Cocktail Spoon

Stirring a cocktail using the Wingman Spinning Cocktail Spoon

The Wingman is an easier spoon to use when stirring cocktails, as it incorporates much of the proper bar spoon technique into the engineering of the spinning handle. Simply insert the spoon into the mixing glass filled with ice and cocktail ingredients, so the back of the spoon bowl is against the inside of the mixing glass. Hold the spoon with one hand by the handle on the upper portion of the spoon, and stir as you normally would stir anything, with a rotating motion (clockwise or counter-clockwise, it doesn't matter!).  The upper portion of the spoon that you are holding (the handle) will remain stationary in your hand, while the lower portion of the spoon with the spoon bowl will begin moving the ice through the liquid, rotating around the inside of the mixing glass. 

If you find that your stirring technique is noisy, or the ice is jostling around too much (or jumping out of the mixing glass), visit our resource section on using the right kind of ice: All About Ice.