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Cocktail Spoon - Stainless Steel

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**Note: The Stainless Steel AERO Spoon is currently shipping 2-3 weeks out**

The AERO straight handled cocktail spoon is sleek, elegant, and durable. Its slim profile is easy to insert around the ice in a mixing glass, and aerodynamic body is great for near-friction-less stirring (perfect for left-handed use too). The weighted end provides for a beautifully balanced bar spoon, something that feels like a tool, not a toy.

What Cocktail-Lovers are Saying:  

"Strongest and most functional spoon I've ever used." - Rob Easter, Workhorse Rye

"Well-weighted and nicely balanced - perfect for stirring cocktails. The lack of twists make it especially comfortable to use. It's not inexpensive, but it won't bend or deform like its more fragile competition." - Charlie, Cocktail Enthusiast


  • Straight handle makes it especially comfortable to use when compared with twisted barspoons
  • Perfectly balanced for a superior stirring experience
  • Bowl of the spoon holds exactly ⅛ oz of liquid, with the meniscus
  • Seamless design means no cheap welds and NO breaking.
  • Lifetime guarantee

Stainless Steel, 12.5 inches (31.75 cm) long , 2.1 oz (59.5 g). 

The Aero Cocktail Spoon Story:

When we started designing barspoons, we went straight to the bars. Bartenders told us that the straight-handled spoons they preferred broke, bent, and deformed so often, it was infuriating. Their alternative (single-piece, twisted barspoons) were less comfortable, and at worst - would rub their hands raw after a long shift.

We decided to build something that would meet those needs. It required some intensive problem solving and creative manufacturing solutions, but when the Aero Cocktail Spoon emerged with a seamless design, super-strong profile, and was this beautiful to boot, we decided to guarantee it for life.

We manufacture all of our products with three things in mind: utmost utility, beautiful design, and uncompromising quality. With the Aero Cocktail Spoon, we ensure that each spoon is straight, seamless, strong, beautifully polished and perfectly balanced.


Shawn Michael & Rachel Eva

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