Catch the spirit of making great cocktails, and you'll end up with more than a beautifully balanced drink.


You can be a cocktail hero: a spirits sage, a skilled artisan, an epic host.

We can help with that.  We make the right kind of cocktail tools so you can be a better bartender, whether at home or at work. 

Celebrate, entertain, or just find some peace and quiet. But make sure you're making downright good cocktails. 


"Their spoons move like a dream in their mixing glass. Their products are a must for any bar" - Ren Perakis, Bar Manager / Consultant


Their tools are designed with incredible thought and attention. It’s like Bosch vs. Playskool. I know I’m using the real thing
— Leigh Russ, Bartender / Manager
We 100% back their work. Strongest and most functional spoon I’ve ever used.
— Rob Easter, Workhorse Rye
Absolutely love your products! I just can’t wait to (finally) own a Napier jigger
— Eugene, Home Bartender
The team behind Standard Spoon led the charge to design a superior mixing glass — one that was equal parts visually compelling, functional and affordable
— Tales of the Cocktail

Our Story

We're Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael. Just a couple of artists and cocktail nerds who decided we needed better tools. 

We've walked the journey from one-drink-wonder to competent cocktail craftsmen, and learned a lot along the way. Mostly, we spend time studying the way drinks are made, and designing tools that make for a better bartending experience - both for you, and your guests. 

Whether you make cocktails at home or as a career, we make tools for you. Because when making drinks is easier, more satisfying, and you look kick-ass while doing it, everyone has a good time. 

So come along and get started! 

Be the first to hear about new barware, deals, and specials.  We also share all we've learned along the way: cocktail theory, share-able history, and techniques for cocktail making, serving and hosting. If you're good, you'll get some great behind-the-scenes stuff too.

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