Napier Jigger

Welcome to all things cocktail-jigger oriented! You may own a stepped Napier Jigger, or still have it on your wish list - either way, here’s a great place to start exploring:

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How to Use a Cocktail Jigger

It might seem obvious to some, but there are nuances to jigger measuring techniques that are worth exploring, especially for the most fastidious of mixologists. This post explores

  • How (and why) to measure accurately using a cocktail jigger

  • Measuring uncommon volumes, and converting between OZ, ML, and other bar measures (jigger, pony, shot, barspoon)

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Care & Cleaning

The Napier Jigger comes in several finishes, including solid copper, silver, and 24K gold. Find out how to take care of your jigger to prevent damage to the finish, and prevent (or encourage) patination.

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Cocktail Recipes

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