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Ebony Muddler - Taylor Guitars Collaboration

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We've partnered with Taylor Guitars to make the most luxurious cocktail muddler ever. Even better than that, the ebony wood we use is responsibly harvested, providing steady jobs and higher wages to families in Cameroon, and supports re-planting efforts toward a more sustainable future. 

The Ebony Muddler is expertly crafted, featuring a sophisticated, ergonomically satisfying handle. It has a diameter of 1 3/4 inches on the muddling end - a nice, wide surface to pin down mint, cucumber, fruits, and other ingredients. The muddler has a flat end, slightly rounded at the edges with no rough teeth. Muddlers should firmly press herbs to release oils, not shred or rip, which releases bitter chlorophyll (unwanted in cocktails).

Our Ebony Muddlers have no stain or finish. Ebony is so dense that sanding and polishing are all the finish it needs. These cocktail muddlers are so beautiful and so durable that they will easily become treasured heritage pieces in your bar collection.

Since these are handmade of a natural wood product, variations in color and grain texture are absolutely going to occur. The muddler you receive will be different that those in the photos, but we've included many images to provide you with an idea of the many shades of Ebony wood we work with.

A Note on Color: Ebony has a reputation for being pure black, but that’s the case for only about 10% of ebony. Each of these muddlers are unique. Some are close to pure black, while others have subtle color streaks or swirls of blonde and brown against the black that ebony is typically known for. 

Here's the story behind the color:

Only about 1 in every 10 ebony trees has a solid black core. The only way to know if an ebony tree is solid black in the middle is to chop down trees until you find one. 

Rather than continue this grossly unsustainable practice of wasteful harvesting in order to supply ebony consumers with pure black wood, all 10 trees are now harvested and supplied to end users. This means that 1) we won’t run out of ebony, and 2) the ebony that is now used today has color in it.

And it’s beautiful! Swirls and fades of grey and blonde add character and a completely unique aesthetic to each muddler we make. So please embrace this new era of ebony, and celebrate the color of the wood with us!

Ebony Wood, 10” (25.4 cm) long, 1.25” (3.2 cm) diameter. 7.5 oz (212 grams)