What is this Kickstarter thing anyway?

If you're not familiar with the crowd funding platform Kickstarter, you'll probably give me a confused look when I say "We're planning on Kickstarting in January!"

"You're planning what?" (blank stares)

Kickstarter.com is a web-based crowd-funding platform for creative projects. Other crowd-funding sites are gaining strength, but Kickstarter is the largest of its kind for US projects. And it's changing the way business is done, and new products are created, and the way people shop.

We launched a Kickstarter Project in March 2012 to fund a new collection of sculptures that use electricity.

People launch all kinds of creative projects on Kickstarter, from art and dance and music projects to new gadgets and gizmos, to clothing lines, restaurants, public markets, and movies.


Here's how it works:

A creator (Shawn Michael and Rachel Eva) come up with a great new idea (Standard Spoon) and propose that idea to a crowd (Kickstarter users) via an online platform (Kickstarter.com).  Kickstarter users become Backers (You, your family, your friends, bartenders, cocktail lovers, etc) when they pledge to support that idea with Resources (money).  In return for your Pledge (promise to pay), we offer you Rewards, (the Standard Spoon, or the Standard Classic, or both) and a promise to deliver those rewards at a scheduled time.

A funding goal is set, which is the amount of money we need in order to make the great new idea happen. If we don't meet our funding goal within 30 days, we don't get ANY of the pledged resources.  If we do meet our funding goal, your credit card is charged at the END of the project.  We receive the funds needed to make the dream a reality, and get back to work finishing the spoons, and deliver them to you when they're done!  

In summary, you're pledging to pre-purchase our spoons, and your pledge lets us know that there is a market for our brand new product.

For more questions, visit this page: What is Kickstarter? 


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