Surveys, Shirts and Samples are on their way!

Surveys, Shirts and Samples are on their way!

via Update #13 on Kickstarter


Hey Backers!  About 80% of you have completed your surveys through BackerKit - thank you! The rest of you are receiving reminder emails; please help us complete our address book so we can send you rewards when the time comes.

Speaking of sending things to you... 


Check out the new Standard Spoon shirts!  If you didn't pledge for one, you can still select a t-shirt as an Add-On through BackerKit. Your card won't be charged for any Add-On's until we lock down the surveys prior to shipping (June/July - we'll let you know when we get closer).

For those of you that pledged for the shirts via Kickstarter and paid for them during the initial campaign, we're sending them out to you this week as Batch 1.

For those of you who added a shirt through BackerKit, or who have not yet provided your shipping address, we'll send your shirt in Batch 2, (June/July), once we close down the surveys and receive payments.


We spoke with our manufacturing coordinator last week, and he informed us the samples are being made. This means the factory has reviewed our designs, and is working on producing samples for our approval. Hip Hip Hooray!

When we originally set our timeline in February, we took into account the month-long celebration of Chinese New Year (when literally the entire country shuts down to celebrate).  However, we just learned there's another week-long celebration taking place this month which we did not anticipate; it delays our project another week.

We also dealt with some delays during the creation of the digital files; the process took much longer than anticipated.  The good news is, we built time into our estimates for delays such as these; we just didn't expect to use so much of that cushion by now. At this point, we are still trending toward getting everything in the mail by the end of August, but we'll be cutting it close and might not finish shipping until September.

We'll keep you informed of our progress!  For more frequent news, tidbits, and happenings, be sure to follow the blog, and connect with us on social media.


Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael

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