Standard Spoon Prototype: Stirred, not Shaken.

Standard Spoon Prototype: Stirred, not Shaken.

After a lot of learning, decision making, and some practice, we finally have some wonderful spoons to share with you that we are immensely proud of!

From start to finish, this gallery documents the progress of individual parts and their assembly into the final product - the Standard Spoon. Our design for final production is slightly different to accommodate more efficient manufacturing processes.  However, the overall look and functionality of the final spoon will be very similar to these prototypes.

One major point of attention for us in this whole project has been the connection point between the spoon head and the shaft. This particular junction is usually a terrible weak spot for the average "round shaft" spoon. The tiny weld that joins the two pieces together will weaken over time. Acidic liquids, a wet environment, and the wear and tear of putting the spoon away in its metal container lead to corrosion and rust. And cracking ice? Forget about it.

The common bar spoon with the red-tipped handle can be found in most bars, and we've seen bartenders keep it around just for cracking ice.  It's a good candidate for that because it's stamped from one solid piece of metal, so there's no weak weld to be concerned about.  However, It's overall structure is weak and will bend easily; the twist in the handle is as much for rigid structural integrity as it is for any design aesthetic or stirring aid. That, and it's just not very exciting.

The Standard Spoon and the Standard Classic are both designed to be heavier, classier, stronger, and better performing.  Here's your typical bar spoon facing off with the Standard Spoon:


Typical Bar Spoon vs. Standard Spoon

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