Sneak Peak at Production Samples!

Sneak Peak at Production Samples!

via Update #19 on Kickstarter

December 3, 2015 / Rachel Eva


Hi Backers,

Here's a mini-update all the way from our factory in China: a first look at some sleek looking production samples!  

While these haven't yet been shipped to us for inspection and testing, we like what we're seeing so far. Notice specifically that infamous transition from the spoon bowl to the handle. It's smooth, it's solid, and it's a spitting image of our design!

Here's a shot of the end of the CLASSIC spoon with the Standard Spoon logo.  (Note that this hasn't been polished yet)



We're still a long way from final approval, but these photos have us pretty optimistic.  We're discussing some of the finer points of assembly, polishing, and functionality with our team in China now, and the factory is doing some problem solving regarding the way the end-cap on the SPIN attaches to the body. 

When that's figured out, they'll make any needed adjustments, and ship the production samples to us.  We'll test them out, take some photos, and have more to report at that time.

Until then, 

Rachel Eva & Shawn Michael



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