Sharing some love on Kickstarter

Sharing some love on Kickstarter

For those of you who know us, we love community and consider it one of the most important values that we have. There's a reason that Thomas Merton's "No Man Is An Island" is one of Shawn Michael's favorite books.  There's a reason that my favorite song by Patrick Norton is  "Nobody Can Make It On Their Own"

We have a San Diego community full of rich relationships, family, and friends.  We've become a part of the bartending and craft cocktail community over the last few years, first as appreciators of mindful cocktails, and more recently as partners in bringing new bar tools to the industry.

We're also a part of the Kickstarter community.  What I love about Kickstarter is it's not a shark tank where we compete with one another for a limited pool of backers, and only a few come out on the top of the food chain.  Kickstarter backers are generous, and they love seeing MANY projects succeed.  Project creators share tips, give advice, and are open about their challenges and successes. 

We've been talking with some of those creators, and I'd like to throw some love their way!  Here are some projects that sit well alongside the Standard Spoon, that I think you should check out.


We're really excited to learn more about Shochu - those of you who know us know we love Japanese culture, hospitality, and cocktails!  

"The Shochu Handbook." An intro to Japan's alcoholic spirit.




The most brilliant little invention anyone who deals with pour spouts on bottles will thank the heavens for. Now that Shawn's built a bar at home, we really need one! 

The Grippit




Love what these guys are doing - being extremely creative with their ingredients and communications. Can't wait for a taste!



Look, even whiskey lovers don't always know it all (or keep it all in their heads!) Looking forward to this handy infographic


All of these are currently funding at the time of this post - go check them out!  Pledging even $1 to a campaign is extremely helpful in bringing it attention and additional backers.  

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