Repost: The Wingman Cocktail Spoon on The Robb Report

Repost: The Wingman Cocktail Spoon on The Robb Report

November 30, 2015 / Rachel Eva


On November 20, 2015, the global luxury magazine Robb Report launched Robb Gear, the best place to find all the cool things the editors feature in the magazine.  Standard Spoon was one of the first selections for the new section, and the Wingman Cocktail Spoon received a great write-up.  Here it is reposted below; to read on Robb Gear, click here.


What? Long overdue innovation for effortless, messless stirring

Why? As you stir a drink, the stem of the spoon spins inside a metal sleeve


A New Spin

If you occasionally eject an ice cube or three while stirring a Sazerac, the Wingman will save your ego and your drink. Inspired by the blossoming cocktail culture in their hometown of San Diego, designers Shawn Michael and Rachel Eva applied their artistry, craftsmanship, and insistence on enduring products to serve the community that serves them quality libations.

Proper cocktail stirring requires a coordinated hand and wrist motion that may befuddle newcomers, limit the pace of pros who aren’t ambidextrous, and even pain someone with an injury or arthritis. Standard Spoon’s Wingman takes care of all that in a delightful “why didn’t I think of that” fashion, spinning inside the handle rather than between your fingers. An absolute must for anyone who scoffs at James Bond’s gin-bruising demand for shaken, not stirred martinis (and has ever sloshed the Plymouth Dry out over the side while scoffing).


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