I asked Shawn Michael to make a preview video of the Napier Jigger with one of our production samples.  He turned out a music video instead, and initially titled it "Napier Stank" - to which i immediately wrinkled my nose - ha! 

You'll get the reference when you turn the volume up.  

We've been working practically nonstop since November on this project.  We haven't posted all of our production updates here on the blog, but you can catch up with the Napier Jigger Product Development process (if you're interested in some heavy late-night reading) over in our Kickstarter Project Updates

The news we wanted to post here, (which you'll already know about if you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube) - is that the product development process for the Napier Jigger is COMPLETE.  We've approved final design and production samples, and manufacturing is currently underway - YES!

If you're the video-watching kind, here's an update from us on the project:

We are SO thankful for the 1,500+ backers of our original Kickstarter campaign. You guys are the BEST, and we so appreciate the ways you've engaged with us during the product development process, the challenges we encountered, and the changes we had to make.  We're satisfied that we haven't compromised on the quality of these tools, and continue to work hard to ensure that fulfillment goes smoothly this summer.

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