Mini Update on Manufacturing

We've been having lots of conversations with our manufacturing coordinator recently. For those waiting for a Kickstarter update, it's coming soon!

Our 3D printed samples of the spoon were received by the factory in late August, and based on the design we've been discussing the best manufacturing methods going forward. 

Aside from manufacturing, we've been having discussions with bars and retailers about future sales opportunities; everyone seems pretty excited about both spoons!  We've also been working on packaging design, branding, and our fulfillment strategy.

In between that, there's a lot of waiting - waiting for samples to be made, waiting for shipping to China, waiting for quotes and factory correspondence...  so we've also been filling our time with a few other top secret (for now) sister projects. 

Standard Spoon remains our top priority; rest assured we are doing everything we can to keep the project moving forward efficiently!

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