Kickstarter Success & Post-Project Tasks

On February 21st we successfully completed a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the manufacture of these great new bar spoons.  We raised over $17,000 in 30 days, with the help of 338 backers. Thank you!

The week after the campaign ended, we had a blast at Bartender's Weekend in San Diego - it was great to meet many of you face-to-face in our hometown.

As we mentioned in our last Update, the final design files are being drawn up in Solidworks and we should have them this week!  We had a call with our manufacturer, and are all set up to get the samples made as soon as the design files are done.  Here are our next steps:

  • Complete 3-D design files (March)
  • Have samples made; test & approve (April-May)
  • Place manufacturing order, spoons are being made (May - July)
  • Spoons in transit to us; receive finished product (July - Aug)
  • Sort, package, and ship spoons and other merch (Aug)

For those of you that ordered t-shirts, we'll be sending those ahead of the spoons, and our Benefactors should be receiving their handmade prototypes by the end of this month.

Remembering where it started - Filming with Steve Cachero, Leigh Russ, Shawn Michael, Rachel Eva, Veronica Elegado and Evan Yamada (not shown) at Sycamore Den.


A very sincere "THANK YOU" once again to all of you that helped us make this a successful project. We are so very excited to get these quality tools into your spinning hands - let's make some drinks!

For BACKERS - you will be receiving a link to complete a survey through Backer Kit for us to collect information needed to deliver your rewards.  Please fill it out at your earliest opportunity; the information you'll provide us will help with the rest of the project planning.  (You'll have the opportunity to update your mailing address until right before we ship, in case you're planning on moving in the next few months)

For those of you that missed out on the Kickstarter Project, we'll be posting a link on our home page in a few weeks that will give you a second chance to pre-order a spoon or two, or a t-shirt at close-to-Kickstarter costs.  Sign up to be notified when that's up and running!

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