Hospitality Industry Update: Mixing Glass Industry-Only Case Price

Hospitality Industry Update: Mixing Glass Industry-Only Case Price

 / Rachel Eva 

This is addressed to those of you that are bartenders, restaurant owners, or otherwise involved in the beverage hospitality industry. And it's about our new Mixing Glass, which we've designed specifically with you in mind. 

One of the questions we ask ourselves when throwing product ideas around is "what problem does this solve behind the bar?"

Now, not all of our tools are going to solve your specific problems - because we all have different issues we deal with. And some of our tools are designed with home bartenders in mind. We try not to be too snobby about cocktails.  Because really, there's nothing wrong with helping people make better cocktails at home, is there?

But whether we're thinking about helping the cocktail movement as a whole - in home or in the bar - we are always designing with the industry in mind. That's you guys.  You mean so much to us!  

That's why we designed the Aero Cocktail Spoon. You were sick of cheap bar spoons falling apart during service. Those who prefer a straight-handled spoon had no other option. So we made a bar spoon that will last you the rest of your life. 

The Mixing Glass is designed specifically with you in mind. Beautiful bars with impeccable design are using pint glasses or pyrex beakers for stirred cocktails. Some of you don't have a problem with that - that's fine.  But we've heard that a lot of you do. 


Bar Managers tell us it's because they just can't afford to keep Mixing Glasses around. Bartenders say it just takes forever to chill down a drink in a thick-walled Yarai. 

Would you rather use a beautiful mixing vessel? Most of you who like good tools and have an eye for beauty say yes. Presentation is important. The experience for the customer is important. It's nice to see that little "WOW" in their eyes. But is it worth the high purchase cost (not to mention replacement cost) of a quality Mixing Glass?  More importantly, is it worth compromising efficiency and service?  No.


So THAT's where we are.  

A gorgeous Mixing Glass for incredible guest presentation.

A thin-walled Mixing Glass for fast and efficient chilling.

A weighted bottom so it won't slide around during service.

A price point that won't break the bank.

Brandy Curry at The Patio on Goldfinch in San Diego - He used the Mixing Glass for service one weekend. He said he loved that the walls were thin - it made drinks chill faster, and it feels great when stirring and handling - the perfect size for bar use.


Considering the unique vintage hammered glass design alone, a nice departure from the now-ubiquitous yarai cut glass, this is a no-brainer purchase for those of you looking for a standout piece. On top of that, we've been told it looks like a $50 - $60 Mixing Glass, and we've set the price point at an easily accessible $35. 

But the thing we're really excited about on the service side of things is the availability of an industry-only case price. Because bars can't get access to wholesale pricing, but it's just too expensive to buy 4 or 6 or 8 Mixing Glasses at retail. 

When these come out in the Spring, we'll be putting Mixing Glasses in bars for as little as $25 apiece.  

We'd LOVE to be able to offer it for less, but we also have to make smart business decisions on our end.  In the future, if you show us as a whole that this is a good thing, and that you want more of this, we can place larger orders and get that price down even more.

And we always, ALWAYS love your feedback.  Do talk among yourselves, but please do let us know what you think, what you want, what you love and what you don't.  We're not perfect, we can't meet everyone's needs, but we'll do the best damn job we can.

Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael

You can pre-order this Mixing Glass via Kickstarter for $35 today: Mixing Glass Kickstarter

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