Faces of Talent and Love

Via Update #9 on Kickstarter

Hey Backers & Fans!

We've been funded for a little over a week, and Shawn Michael and I have been enjoying a little post-Kickstarter malaise. We hustled every day of the project, but we also had help, and want to thank a couple of folks that helped us make it. 

A great Kickstarter project needs a great video. We're thankful to have talented friends who helped bring our story to life!

Steve Cachero: Directing & Filming - the man with the Camera. Steve is an independent director, designer, and photographer (he also designed our rad t-shirts!). You'd be wise to hire him for any creative media needs you have. 


photo credit: Sarah Sheves


Drew Renaud: Sound & Editing - the story maker. He brings it all together and makes us sound good. Drew's also the one behind our first Kickstarter project video: Electricity in Art: Sculptural Lighting.


 photo credit: Shawn Michael

Leigh Lacap: Bartender Extraordinaire - he makes us look good. Leigh made drinks for us, on camera, at 7AM the Sunday we filmed. You can find him at Craft & Commerce for about another week - after that look for him behind the cocktail program at Consortium Holding's newest restaurant concept, Ironside Oyster.


 photo credit: Shawn Michael


Why are we posting about other people? Because more likely than not, if something great like Standard Spoon happens, there is a community of support behind the public faces. Also, a lot of you have been asking us who did our video, so we respond. :)

We'd also like to publicly thank:

  • Michael Ryan Norton (more on him later) - for project support and advising
  • Patrick Norton - for project support and promotion
  • Taylor Dwyer - his status as No. 1 fan was confirmed when he became our first backer!
  • John & Flo Dougherty, Abe Shaw, Seth Marquez, and Bob & Cindy Taylor
  • Kickstarter partners & collaborators: GrippitWorkhorse RyeSosu SaucesShochu HandbookAntithesis DeckRX BittersThe Drinking Deck
  • Kickstarter mentors: Michael NortonStudio NeatGIR
  • Prototyping Partners: Quinn Becker, Scotty Schroyer
  • Prototype Feedback: Bob Taylor, John Wheeler, Ryan Andrews, Leigh Russ, Brian Lee, Eric Johnson, Daniel Palacios, Has Mahmood, Brian Prugalidad, Dave Stolte, Erick Castro, Nate Stanton, Garth Flood, Erick Lockridge, Brett Winfield, and many more.
  • Our devoted families & friends
  • Our bartender, bar owner and industry friends in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (especially Lisa Marie). There are too many of you to name, but we are deeply thankful for all of you.

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