Digital Renderings by our friends at Fab Lab

Digital Renderings by our friends at Fab Lab

Take a look at these great digital renderings we received last week of our final design!



Shawn Michael and I do a pretty good job of dreaming up ideas and shaping things in the workshop (there's a reason we're an artist team called Work of My Hands).  But when it comes to CAD, Solidworks, digital design, or whatever you call it, we're all thumbs.  We knew we would need some professional expertise to translate our designs into digital format, to communicate our design specifications to the manufacturer. 

Enter Fab Lab San Diego, a work space and team devoted to connecting makers and innovators with the right technology for their project needs. Fab Lab is a project started by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which enables ideas to become reality through design and fabrication. 

We worked with Allen, who was excited to work on a new project like a spoon.  The most challenging thing for us to work through were the nuances of contour, especially creating a brand new transition from the bowl of the spoon to the handle. We knew this was a crucial design element, and something that we weren't able to produce during the prototyping phase.  Allen brought in some design inspirations from underwater vessels like propellers, submarines, and even aquatic birds. We went through dozens of iterations, and are pleased with the results!

Fab Lab SD provides design, engineering, and prototyping services to start-ups and makers. Their larger purpose, however, is to connect people to technology through education. They offer free training, classes, meet-ups, space and machine usage, and even materials for projects or experiments. Check out Fab Lab San Diego, or see if there's a Fab Lab near you.


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