Design Lovers - Gimme the Details!

Design Lovers - Gimme the Details!

Via Update #10 on Kickstarter:

We visited with our design engineer again today (our third visit) and are excited to say that the final files are almost finished! When we started designing these spoons, we did so with raw materials in a workshop, and made something you could physically hold and test. 

Now our task has been to convert these beautifully crafted prototypes into digital representations. Seeing our conceptual changes captured in digital form is extremely gratifying!



Shawn and Allen working out design details

Digital files are used to make the molds for the spoons, and also to clearly communicate manufacturing specifications. We're working with an engineer (Allen) who is just as passionate about design and aesthetics as he is about technical specifications, so Standard Spoon is in good hands.

We'll be sharing some of the final drawings with you when they're finished - until then, here's a sneak peak.  I find the 3D files fascinating when they're being moved around on the screen! This little clip is part of a discussion on design options for the transition point from the spoon bowl to the handle.

We've also had several conversations with our manufacturing coordinator, and are working out all the details between design, engineering requirements, and manufacturing capabilities. Communication on these points is extremely important during this stage of product development, so we're taking our time to make sure we answer all the questions right the first time.

Next on our task list is to validate the final design files based on the feedback we gave Allen today. When we've got that done, we'll send them to the manufacturer and they'll make physical samples from the digital files for us to approve. 

We're also sending one of our prototypes to China.  We want to give the manufacturer the benefit of holding, using, and testing our physical idea, as well as the digital one. Just one of the many things we're doing to ensure clear communication and quality assurance.

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