Copper and Gold: Metal Finishes and Plating Durability in Barware

Copper and Gold: Metal Finishes and Plating Durability in Barware

We waited 3 years to release a copper (and gold) version of our beloved Aero Cocktail Spoon. Why? We had to get it right.


Just last week I had the same exact conversation with two different spirits brands: the copper-plated barware they used to promote their high-quality gins and whiskeys started flaking within weeks.


A common practice with copper-plated products is “flash-plating,” a technique which causes a minimal layer of finish metal to adhere. It changes the color of the product, but is not at all a durable finish. 


As copper, gold, and rose gold kitchen and bar accessories have become more and more popular, many manufacturers who want to take advantage of the trend have opted for a quicker, cheaper finish in order to keep costs low and move more product. And some of them might look great right off the shelf!


Plated jiggers and strainers especially might get away with a flash-plated finish for a while, unless they are really abused behind the bar. But barspoons are constantly in contact with mixing glasses, stirring tins, and ice. Low-quality plating jobs make themselves known quickly.


When we decided to make a copper barspoon, of course the first thing we did was try to figure out how to make the Aero from solid copper, like our solid copper Napier Jigger. Alas, the long, lean architecture of the spoon prevented us from using a softer metal like copper, as it would compromise the strength and integrity of the tool.

Copper barspoon Aero Cocktail Spoon by Standard Spoon Barware 

So when we designed the copper plated version, we made sure to pursue a durable finish (and paid extra to make it happen). Our electroplating process results in a copper plating that is 3x thicker than other copper barware.


Any copper or gold plated barspoon (or jigger, or strainer) will eventually show signs of wear. But with the Copper Aero Cocktail Spoon, we hope it's after many years of faithful service. The age marks on our barware carry another meaning: a well loved, dog-eared, cocktail veteran status that should command pride and respect.


How are your copper plated barspoons and copper plated jiggers from us holding up? We'd love to hear from you.  Send us a message anytime with your war stories and photos:

Copper Plated Bar Spoon Aero Cocktail Spoon by Standard Spoon Barware

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