A San Diego Staple: Craft & Commerce

A San Diego Staple: Craft & Commerce






At the beginning of August, Craft & Commerce in Little Italy celebrated it's 5th anniversary! This cocktail den has been a special place for us since the day it opened. We discovered the Improved Whiskey Cocktail here, the second chapter in our love for Old Fashioned Cocktails (see this earlier blog post!)


More on the Old Fashioned Cocktail with Joey Hoisescu

We were gone for the month of August, and a lot has been happening in our hometown!  Before we left, we visited Craft & Commerce and sat down with Joey Hoisescu, who made a few of his variations on the Old Fashioned - a continuation of our love of this classic drink. Both recipes call for 2 oz of spirit, and 1/2 oz of amaro, omitting the simple syrup or sugar.  The inclusion of barrel aged bitters rounds out the cocktail with great depth. Enjoy!



Joey Hoisecu

Black Mountain Trail

  • 2oz bourbon (Buffalo Trace used here)
  • 1/2 oz Amaro Montenegro
  • Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters
  • Orange twist garnish


Rye Derby

  • 2oz rye (Dickel Rye used here)
  • 1/2 oz Amaro Ciociaro
  • Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters
  • Orange twist garnish




For a good tutorial on the technique of crafting any stirred drink, like an Old Fashioned or a variation on the theme, read this Blog Post, or learn more at Home Bar Basics. The Resources page on this site also contains a great deal of information, how-to's, and further reading on making drinks.

Many great San Diego bartenders either started at Craft & Commerce, or made their way through this essential cocktail bar at one time or another. Joey has been bartending here for about a year, and has also been a part of the team behind the bar at Ironside Fish & Oyster since it opened in April 2014.  He got his start in bartending at the Steakhouse at Azul, La Jolla, and has also put in time as a sommelier at Addison at the Grand Del Mar. 




Craft and Commerce

Craft & Commerce Closing for Re-Design!

If it's been a while since you stopped in to see the gents and ladies at Craft & Commerce, you may want to clear some time on your weekend schedule to get down there pronto!  The restaurant is closing on Tuesday, September 8th for a major renovation, which includes a change in interior design, an expanded outdoor patio, and the addition of a new concept that will partially share the space (to be announced!).  The re-opening is scheduled for early 2016.  You will probably catch us there sometime this weekend, getting our hands on the last of those chicken wings and mini corn dogs (Craft will be re-opening with a new menu as well, with Jose "JoJo" Ruiz of Ironside Fish & Oyster as the new chef)!

This weekend will also be your last chance to see Joey, as he's moving on to Denver, CO this month! From what we hear, the Colorado cocktail scene is booming, and while we'll regrettably miss having Joey around, we know that Denver will just be that much better for it! 

For a fantastic going-away party, stop by C&C on Tuesday, September 8th after 7PM. Unlimited Food and Beer (until it's gone!) for $25!


Rachel Eva & Shawn Michael

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