Progress Update & BackerKit Charges on May 8th

Progress Update & BackerKit Charges on May 8th

via Update #24 on Kickstarter

Hi Backers,

Just a quick update to let you know that our manufacturing coordinator reported that the spoons have been finished! They are proceeding to the last stage of post-production Quality Assurance. We are waiting on a few specifics from the manufacturing coordinator regarding shipping dates. It's been a while since the last update, so we figured you'd like to know at least the general sense of progress, even if we can't give as much detail as we'd like. When we do have it, we'll let you know.

We've still got our fingers crossed that we'll be able to ship the first spoons out to backers by the end of May.  Here's a recent shot of one of the production samples.


BackerKit Surveys & Card Charges

You may not remember, because it seems like SO LONG ago, but last year you filled out your survey using BackerKit, not the Kickstarter survey form (you may not have realized this). If you never completed your survey (slackers!), please do so now.  Also, if your mailing address changed, please log in and update your information. You can access your survey by finding the invitation in your email from so long ago, or by clicking here: BACKERKIT SURVEY


If you added anything to your Kickstarter pledge AFTER the campaign ended via Backerkit (an extra spoon, for example), you entered payment information.  We have NOT charged your cards yet for any add-ons, but we will do that on MAY 8th. Please check to make sure your add-ons are what you want, and make sure your payment information is up to date by next Friday.

There has been at least one instance where a backer who pledged for 2 sets via Kickstarter (for $120, already collected) accidentally added-on another set in Backerkit ($60, not-yet-collected), thinking they were defining their Kickstarter reward level. Please remember that based on your pledge level, Backerkit automatically assigns the right rewards for you (They call them Pledge Level Items).  But if you added EXTRA funds in Kickstarter, you will need to define what those funds are for in BackerKit at the Add-Ons page (They call these Add-Ons). 

It's been a while, so please sign in and double-check what your BackerKit account is saying about your order. If there is a balance with a "Total Owed" number, that is what your card on file will be charged on May 8th. 

And just one more time to be clear, please be aware that any Add-Ons in your cart are items IN ADDITION to whatever comes automatically with the base Kickstarter Reward level you chose during the campaign (Pledge Level Items).


If you've got it, CHEERS to you! If you want to get into the nitty gritty of Backerkit, we'll walk you through an example or two:

EXAMPLE 1: I added extra funds during the Kickstarter campaign for additional items:

For example, if you selected the reward level THE SET ($60) in Kickstarter, but you increased your total pledge amount to $85, because you wanted an additional CLASSIC spoon ($25 each), BackerKit will automatically select the set for you. However, Backerkit does not know what that extra $25 is for.  Go to the Add-Ons section of your BackerKit survey to define what the extra funds are for. The Set will be listed under "PLEDGE ITEMS," and the "BALANCE" section will show "Credit Remaining: $25"

Tell BackerKit what the extra $25 is for by adding the CLASSIC Spoon to your cart. Once you do, notice the "CREDIT REMAINING" amount drops to zero.

If you add additional items to your cart, BackerKit will automatically calculate what kind of credit you still have (if any), or whether you now owe funds. In this example, if you decided you also wanted a second SPIN spoon, and if you added that to your cart as well, your BALANCE Section would show "Total Owed: $35," and you will be asked for payment information, and your card will be charged on May 8th.  You would then receive two Classic spoons and two Spin spoons (The SET + Extra Classic, paid for with $85 in Kickstarter funds, + Extra Spin, added and paid for with $35 in BackerKit).

EXAMPLE 2: I want to add-on items in addition to what I pledged for during Kickstarter

If you pledged for the SPIN spoon during Kickstarter, and paid $35 last year for that, but now you also want a CLASSIC spoon, you can Add-On that spoon through BackerKit. Just go to the Add-Ons section of the survey, and put the Classic spoon in your cart.  Your BALANCE Section will show "Total Owed: $35" and you'll be asked for payment information, and your card will be charged on May 8th.

If you've got any questions, of course send us a message!  Thanks, as always, for being such great sports.


Rachel Eva & Shawn Michael

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