How to Stir a Cocktail with Jim Meehan

How to Stir a Cocktail with Jim Meehan

You know that some cocktails should be stirred, and others are better shaken - right?  Refresher:

When to STIR
When a cocktail includes all clear spirits & liqueurs. 
When to SHAKE
When a cocktail contains fruit juice, dairy, or egg whites

So drinks such as the Old Fashioned Cocktail, Manhattan Cocktail, Sazerac Cocktail, and of course the Martini should all be stirred.  Don't believe us? Make two of the same cocktails side by side, and taste and see the difference.  Stirred cocktails maintain a viscosity, clarity, and smooth mouth-feel that's very satisfying.  Stirring is an artful form of preparation that's simple, thoughtful, and fulfilling. Try it!

But HOW to stir a cocktail?  It's not quite as simple as making lemonade. Mixing a stirred cocktail requires a bit of technique, a bit of practice, or a Wingman. The goal when stirring is to combine ingredients and chill the cocktail -  without the force of shaking, which introduces tiny air bubbles and greater dilution, and changes the texture (less smooth).  

Jim Meehan has an excellent demonstration of how to get started with stirring:

Want to learn more about cocktail technique, culture, history, and recipes?  The Small Screen Network on YouTube is an excellent place to get started.

In the meantime, the Wingman Spinning Bar Spoon is an excellent sidekick for stirred cocktails.  It does most of the work for you! 


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