10 Great Things that make the Standard CLASSIC Great

10 Great Things that make the Standard CLASSIC Great

Standard Spoon Classic deserves as much attention as its fancy-schmancey brother the Spin.  Here's our top 10 reasons the Classic spoon shines!

  1. Bartenders: this spoon will never break. Unless you throw it in the fires of Mt. Doom; then it will melt. It's also really well balanced. It's also easier on your hands than those twisted handles.
  2. Baristas: Put away that cheap bar spoon and use something quality for those lattes & steamed milk!
  3. Chefs: You know you'd love to have this in your kitchen.  Standard Classic will be stirring Whiskey-barrel aged Sriracha in San Francisco soon.
  4. Artists: Did we mention it's designed by artists, with the highest level of quality and beauty in mind? Won't find that at Bev-Mo.
  5. Iced Tea & Lemonade: Something nicer for your pitcher than that wooden spoon with stove burn all over it... (mom)
  6. Integrity: I KNOW we've mentioned that this spoon will be one SOLID piece of Stainless Steel.  Check out the "Lost Wax Investment Casting" process we're using to make it!
  7. Coffee Lovers: ever tried to stir a French Press with a teaspoon?  Put this long-handled spoon to use!
  8. Sex Appeal: C'mon... is this not the sexiest long-handled stir spoon you've ever seen?
  9. Big Jars Full of Things: sometimes a few extra inches on that spoon really helps (ewww... the mayonnaise jar!!)
  10. Story: There are real people behind this spoon, with real faces, with a real dream that you can help become a reality.  Isn't supporting that dream better than going to Bed Bath & Beyond for your tools and being terrified of floor-to-ceiling boxes, gadgets, useless appliances, and cutlery falling on your head? (real nightmare of mine). 


Rachel Eva (before she was a blonde!) at Bronx Pizza & Shawn Michael representing craft coffee (aggressively!)



You can get your eager/dainty/greasy little hands on one of your own for $25 through our Kickstarter campaign, funding now through February 21st!



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