Standard Spoon was founded in 2014 by Shawn Michael and Rachel Eva in San Diego, California. We're two artists, designers, and dreamers, and we love cocktails and the people who make them. We serve the bartending and cocktail loving community by creating innovative new versions of the tools we use, with functionality, good design and integrity at the core of each concept.

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Rachel Eva and Shawn Michael standard spoon

Our Story

We began our journey together in 2007 as artists, and continue to create as the artist team Work of My Hands. Our artwork evolved from painting on canvas to sculpture, lighting, and installation work, including several large public works and many private commissions. Our work is influenced by the high regard we have for quality, well-made goods.  We use mostly mid-century tools in our workshop, things that were built to last, and will survive even us and our grandchildren. Workmanship, intentional materials, and details are important to us.

We easily became patrons of high quality cocktail establishments as they began surfacing in San Diego. These cocktails were beautiful, aromatic, fresh, and delightful. And we saw in our bartender friends the same level of creativity and intentional craft in their drink making as we pursued in our workshop. As our appreciation grew, we began making our favorite cocktails at home, and learned a great deal about cocktail history, culture, and technique. Shawn Michael (ever the craftsman) even built and outfitted a home bar.

Our interest in cocktails, experience with design, knowledge of manufacturing, and awareness of the few options for high quality bar tools led us to explore and test a few new barware concepts

In February 2014 we funded a Kickstarter project to manufacture two new bar spoons.  The Wingman is a spinning bar spoon, designed to make stirring a cocktail an effortless experience. It increases efficiency and reduces strain for professionals, and helps with correct cocktail stirring technique for those who don't have a lot of experience.  The Aero is a straight-handled bar spoon that's fused as a single unbreakable piece, a seamless design that could previously only be found in vintage bar ware.

We are so encouraged to be a part of the cocktail community in a new way.  We are surrounded by hospitality, integrity, friendship, creativity, knowledge, insight and generosity. Being the project people that we are, we have a few new ideas for the coming years, both in the realm of barware and in our broader purpose as creatives. With Standard Spoon now a full-on brand and business, we are excited about the specific opportunities we have to serve a wonderful group of professionals and a whole culture of cocktail appreciators.

Feel free to connect with us; we're very approachable and love to hear about the stories that intersect with ours.