New Mixing Glass  +  Handmade Case

Pitcher Protector and Hammered Mixing Glass

Never Break Your Mixing Glass Again...

You already spend $35, $45, sometimes $60+ on a Mixing Glass to be on top of your cocktail game.  If you travel with your gear, getting a protective case for your glassware is just good sense.

Pitcher Protector for Cocktail Mixing Glass - Black Denim


Pitcher Protector by Rye on the Road. A must-have if you're always lugging barware to a gig, party or friend's house. ($30)

  • Durable black denim with insulating foam
  • Snag-free recessed zipper
  • Fits all standard size mixing glasses (up to 3.5" wide and 5.5" tall)
  • Strap on outside holds a strainer
  • Designed by bartenders Phillip Mauro, Vince Toscano, and Jon Gasparini
  • Made by hand in San Francisco 


These two were made to go home together.


Standard Spoon Mixing Glass at The Patio.jpg


Hammered Mixing Glass by Standard Spoon. Stunning, affordable, and already a favorite with bartenders & Negroni lovers. ($35)

  • Holds 18 ounces of liquid (550ml)
  • 3.5" wide ergonomic stirring diameter
  • Weighted bottom provides stability
  • Seamed (heat treated for durability)
  • Dishwasher safe 

Last night we were absolutely murdered in the well, and I gotta say - I absolutely love it. The weight, the feel, the size - everything about that glass was phenomenal.
— Brandon Curry, Bar Manager @ The Patio on Goldfinch
Hammered Mixing Glass by Standard Spoon.jpg
Pitcher Protector for Cocktail Mixing Glass in Black Denim

Hammered Mixing Glass + Pitcher Protector for $57.50

Buy the set and save over 10% on both items.  Plus we'll ship the Mixing Glass inside the case for added protection.

We’ve been using a Pitcher Protector since 2014, and it doesn’t disappoint
— Shawn Michael, Standard Spoon Barware