Refer Friends to our Kickstarter Project and Receive Free Rewards


Standard Spoon is launching another amazing cocktail tool on Kickstarter!  (Visit the Kickstarter Project Page to become a backer)

Our project will succeed if you help us spread the news. So we’re giving away free rewards to backers who share our project and help meet our goal!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Become a Backer. (You can participate in the Referral Campaign even if you just pledge $1, but you have to be a backer to get your custom referral link).

  2. You’ll receive a Thank You message from us in the first 24 hours after you become a Backer. It will contain your custom referral link.  

  3. Send as many people as you can to our Kickstarter Project using your custom referral link.

Kickstarter will automatically track the results of anyone who uses your custom referral link, and when your friends start pledging, you start racking up rewards.


When your friend’s contributions total $100 (about 2.5 friends), you’ll get this cool SWAG:


When your friend’s contributions total $250, you’ll have earned a free Jigger in the finish of your choice! Choose from Silver, Copper, Gold, or the Industry 2-pack in Stainless Steel.


If your friend’s contributions pass the $500 mark, we’ll also send you a set of our cocktail spoons, and our brand new Hammered Mixing Glass. ($115 value)

Aero Wingman Cocktail Spoons and Hammered Mixing Glass


And the first person to refer friends whose contributions total $1,000 will get one of our SUPER RARE Cocobolo Muddlers


So what are you waiting for?  The Kickstarter Project ends <<END DATE>>


Referral Campaign FAQ

Do I have to be a Kickstarter Backer to participate?

Yep, you've got to be a backer - it's the way we keep track of and generate the custom referral links. If you've never backed a project on Kickstarter, it's pretty easy to sign up.  And you can become a backer by pledging just $1 - then earn your way to all the lovely rewards!

How many friends do I have to refer in order to earn rewards?

It depends! You'll get for rewards based on the total of your referred friend's contributions.  Our average Kickstarter pledge is $40, so you'd need 2.5 friends to pledge an average of $40 in order to get the free SWAG, and so on. 

How will I know if I've earned rewards?

We'll publish a weekly Leaderboard of Backers who have earned rewards so you'll be able to track your progress (and see what the competition's like). 

At the end of the Kickstarter Project, we'll be sure to let you know your final position. It will depend on the total contributions received from backers you referred. To prevent any shady shenanigans, the final tally will be based on the final pledge amount - so referred backers who cancel their pledges last minute won't count towards your total. 

When will I receive my earned rewards?

We'll send SWAG out as soon as we can, probably in July or August 2017. 

We'll send Jiggers you earn through the Referral Campaign at the same time we send out Backer rewards, which is estimated in December 2017 (we've got to make them first!). 

If you're a big loudmouth and you've earned cocktail spoons, the Mixing Glass, and/or the Cocobolo Muddler, those will ship with your SWAG this summer.

(International Backers, read below)

Can International Backers participate?

Absolutely!  We love our International Backers :)

A note on International Shipping: It's very expensive. Because of this, any rewards you have coming to you (earned and/or backed) will ship in one package.  So if you've got a Jigger coming to you, all your other rewards will be shipped with the Jigger during final Kickstarter fulfillment.